MQI UK hosts interfaith moot

High profile figures of the Pakistani government and interfaith leaders spoke at an International Conference held at the Minhaj ul Quran centre in Newham on Wednesday 17th March 2010.

Guests included Shaykh al-Sayyid Hamid Saeed al-Kazmi - Pakistan’s Minister of Religious Affairs, Barrister Rubab Mehdi Rizwi – Chairperson International Imam al-Hussayn Council, Imam Qalb `Abbas – Shia Muslim Community, Ayatullah Muhammad al-Musawi – Renowned Iraqi Scholar and President World Ahl al-Bayt Islamic League, Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq Qurayshi – Minhaj ul Quran International centre in Forest Gate, Reverend David Mcindoe and Father Matlub Barnabas of St Emmanuel’s Church in Forest Gate.

Pakistan’s Minister of Religious Affairs al-Sayyid Hamid Saeed al-Kazmi branded the recent spate of suicidal attacks in Pakistan as “indiscriminate killing” regardless if someone is young, old, women, children, or innocent. Shaykh Kazmi said: “This is a distorted picture of Islam that is being presented to the world.” He said: “None of this occurred in the 1500 year history of Islam. How could that which never occurred in the 1500 year history of Islam be part of Islam today? This has never been practiced in Islam’s 1500 year history … this cannot be accepted.” He added: “This is a distorted picture of Islam which is being presented by a conspiracy.” Shaykh Kazmi’s arrival to the UK comes, following an attempt on his life by terrorists in Pakistan. Al-Sayyid Kazmi is receiving private treatment in London following a gunshot to his leg.

Al-Sayyid Hamid al-Kazmi said in the case of Pakistan no suicide bomber or terrorist presents theological evidence from the Quran or Sunna – Prophetic traditions for their actions. We learn that they are deprived of the knowledge of Islam and disconnected from the essence of Islam and its true spirit. They have no knowledge of al-Quran or Ahadith “They are brainwashed and whatsoever is put in their minds is seen as ‘Islam’ and they dwell after it” said Kazmi.

Faithful Friend’s Newham Representative Father Matlub Barnabas said: “Imam Sadiq Qureshi is one of our close friends with whom we endeavour to work together for peace, harmony and for the correct understanding of religion and humanity.” Father Barnabas said terrorist sell themselves, their time and skills and become brainwashed by dwelling after their vain desires.

Father Barnabas added: “Jesus neither Muhammad raised the sword. Muhammad may have used self defence. However, he did not shed blood.” He further said: “If we believe in them and follow them, then we must not become enemies of each other. This is the purpose of Faithful Friends. This is work of Faithful Friends carried out in the local area without hesitation. We come together sometimes in a Mosque, Church, Temple and Gurdwara – we all come together to think and discuss initiatives to help each other according to our beliefs without hesitation to walk the divine path, leading us to create harmony.”

Leading Shia Muslim Scholar al-Sayyid `Ali Rada al-Rizwi told listeners: “The coming of the Holy Prophet is one of the most important events in the history of mankind '…the coming of the Holy Prophet meant the divine unity and the belief in one God was to revive, and was to establish itself through the life of the Holy Prophet and that marked the important event of the birthday of the Holy Prophet.” He said: “One of the most important events in the history of mankind is the coming of the Holy Prophet and is marked by the words of Anjuman al-Talib al-Islam when he says that it is the coming of the Holy Prophet that changed the environment of this universe. The coming of the Holy Prophet changed the feelings of every person that believed in the monotheist belief or the belief in al-Tawheed (oneness). There are many events that mark the coming of the Holy Prophet and the change in this world because Holy Prophet was to enter this bode and to change the whole of this universe into a harmonious place.”

President World Ahl al-Bayt Islamic League Ayatullah Muhammad al-Musawi said: “Though the place is not too large but I think the hearts are much bigger. The subject is a very important subject, and when it is being announced and organised in London one of the most important cities in today’s world. I would like to mention two verses of the Qur`an. Allah says that 'we have not sent you O Muhammad but as a mercy for whole of the world' and another verse Allah tells him 'litunzira umm al-qurra wa ma litunzira umm al-qurra wa man hawlaha' 'O Muhammad (peace be upon him and his prodigy) we have sent you to convey the message to Umm al-Qurra i.e. Makkah and man hawlaha ,hat is,it man in Arabic is for those who have got intellect and a mind. So Allah has sent the Prophet to convey the message to Makkah and to all people surrounding Makkah and Allah says that it is for the whole world.”

Renowned Iraqi Scholar Ayatullah Muhammad al-Musawi said: “The scientists of today have proved that Makka is the centre place of the world and the entire world is surrounding Makka and Allah says litunzira man hawlaha this is a very important subject and a scientific statement. I would like to point out that all the Prophets are respected. Anyone who does not believe in Holy Prophet is not a Muslim. Show me the miracle of Musa (Moses) or `Isa (Jesus) I can show you the miracle of Muhammad because Allah sent him to the whole of human kind and all the worlds for any kind to come. He did not make the miracle of His last greatest messenger time-limited. He made it everlasting and we would like to invite every human being who is really sincere to know the truth. To read the Qur`an and see the greatness of the words of Allah which was brought through His last and most beloved and final messenger Muhammad. We would like to invite to people to look at the Quran and get enlightened from the light of the Quran that is the light needed by every human being, every time and everywhere.”

Imam of Minhaj ul Quran International Centre al-Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq Qurayshi said: “Let us come to the purpose of the Prophet’s advent. His advent was to provide mankind with al-Sira (model of life), al-`Uswa (model of character), a criteria and a system. To provide a system of economic and political stability, social security, fulfill every obligation of time, honour and protect life. The Prophet had been sent to provide every individual with rights.”

Shaykh Sadiq Qurayshi said: “The biggest problem we face is terrorism and in Islam the force of destruction is Kharajism (dissenters from religion) whatever name is applied to it. A living evidence of its harm is our Minister of Religious Affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi upon whom the Kharijites launched their attack his colleagues and associates were martyred.”

Shaykh Sadiq Qurayshi presented a 600 page Fatwa (edict) authored by Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. The Fatwa document was presented to the Minister of Religious Affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi. Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri is the founder of Minhaj ul Quran International organisation. His recent historical Fatwa (edict) condemning Terrorism and Suicide bombing was launched in the City of London and received wide acceptance.

The event received coverage on satellite channels: ARY News, GEO TV, World News, Royal News, Venus TV, News 1, Waseb News and Ahl al-Bayt TV