Upgrading Minhaj University

I write to seek Allah`s bliss and bounty on you.

It is sheer blessing of Allah Most High that by His Grace, by the holiness and sanctity of the hallowed sole dust of His beloved. Minhaj University was awarded charter by the Govt. of Punjab in October 2005. The Higher Education Commission Islamabad also recognized it in 2006.

You will be pleased to know that this University is imparting education and training at a considerably low fee structure to the students from middle and lower middle classes under the auspices of the charity organization Minhaj-ul-Quran International. This is rather the only University operating in the private sector that is educating the younger generations without any material aim or objective. But the reality on ground is that neither the government has provided it any subsidy nor is there any affluent personality behind it to extend any financial support, while we are doing it without any commercial intentions.

We, however, strongly believe that Allah Most Gracious is the Most Sufficient Financer to make us break our way through. Allah Almighty has blessed the most dedicated members, affiliates and companions of Minhaj-ul-Quran International with enough material resources and wealth and also with firm resolve to make this University sustain the odds of time.

Having full faith in you, I write to seek your benevolent cooperation towards making material contributions to the University so that it may provide ever effective education to the students with the required facilities and enhance its standards to compete the contestant operators in the field. That is also the most acknowledgeable and appreciable way to seek Allah`s pleasure, deliverance and success in this world as well as in the Hereafter.

In light of these facts and following a spiritual goal, you may extend your financial cooperation in the following various areas for which the University also stands accountable for.

1. Construction of Girls Hostel

You will appreciate that absence of hostel facility for girls is one of the main reasons for a number of unsuccessful admissions in the University every year. Parent of the poor students have to face disappointment as their daughters are deprived of admissions to the University owing to lack of hostel facility. This is, therefore, one of the most deserving areas that await your charity contributions and gifts to donate its reward to the souls of your passed-away elders.

2. Construction of University Canteen

This is another most significant facility that the University is in need of. There is no canteen where the students, their respectable guests and esteemed parents may be seated and served. An estimate of one million rupees has been worked out for this facility.

3. Creation of Chairs

You can create a chair by contributing three years salary of a Professor in the name of one or more of your elders for award of spiritual reward to their souls. Donation in this regard also amounts to rupees one million.

4. Institution of Medals

This relates to introduce award of some medal in the name of some exalted soul/relative/national or regional organization on achieving distinction in some discipline of studies. Such a medal would be awarded to the winner student on the eve of convocation. This may incur rupees two hundred thousand per annum.

5. Institution of Scholarship

As stated above, a number of deserving students are there on the role. There are also several students who deserve stipends on merit. The donors, therefore, may also select this area for their charity package and award monthly scholarships/stipends to the deserving and the intelligent students for two or three years for their BA, MA, M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees. Such a scholarship ranges from five to fifteen thousand rupees a month amounting to rupees two hundred thousand per annum.

6. Development of Scientific/Computer Laboratories

This facility is not only a significant requirement for teaching science subjects but is also a source of great attraction for the student community to join the University. An amount of rupees three hundred thousand per annum will go a long way in enabling the University to acquire science laboratories.

7. Subscribing for the International Journals

Modern education also puts a high demand for provision of international journals/research journals to the students to keep them abreast with the latest developments in various fields of knowledge. But subscribing for these journals is an expensive business. We pay for them in foreign currency. That is how it becomes unbearable. That too is a most rewarding spending of charity. You may contribute rupees one to two hundred thousand annually for journals.

8. Subscribing for Books

Libraries are the most effective and useful reservoir of knowledge and information. It was the intelligent use of libraries that enabled the Muslim scholars to prevail over the whole world by giving birth to renaissance. We need it direly to make the Minhaj University an attractive source of knowledge. Rupees one to ten hundred thousand is most appropriate to contribute towards library enhancement.

You may kindly send to or deposit your charity gifts/contributions with the following Acct. No. of Habib Bank Limited Minhaj-ul-Quran Branch Lahore. HBL-1140-89 HBL-1828-7 The contributions may also be sent to Directorate of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Minhaj-ul-Quran International Lahore.

I wish you good health, prosperity and success in life here and Hereafter in the name of the most beloved and Holy Prophet of our Lord.

Calling you towards greater good!

(G M Malik)
Principal Secretary
Hazur Shaykh-ul-Islam
Deputy Registrar
Minhaj University Lahore